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We can produce various types of products such as explosion-proof cast aluminum doors, steel and wood armored doors, anti-theft doors, unit doors, fire doors, medical doors, plastic steel and bridge cut aluminum doors and windows, school doors, office doors, etc
About Kangdun Door Industry

Since 1988, the Kangdun Group has won widespread popularity and become a trusted brand in the industry with outstanding technology and products that exceed expectations. A diverse and broad product line flexibly provides a reassuring choice for every user and family.

The Kangdun Group has over 800 employees, working together to build its large-scale and complete production, sales, and after-sales industry chain. Two independent production bases with a total area of 160000 square meters and a building area of 120000 square meters are the cornerstone of sustainable development for Kangdun.

The intelligent robot production line stably transports high-quality products that meet Compton standards. In addition, Kangdun has introduced advanced production equipment such as automatic sheet metal production rolling lines, spraying automatic lines, CNC turret punching, CNC slotting machines, laser cutting, laser automatic welding machines, flexible sheet metal forming machines imported from Japan and Germany, and 3600 ton hydraulic presses, ensuring that Kangdun's annual production capacity reaches 500000 pieces. Covering various door and window products such as cast aluminum explosion-proof art doors, steel and wood armored doors, anti-theft safety doors, medical doors, office and business doors, school dedicated doors, fire doors, bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows.



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Always adhere to our product quality and create products that meet your satisfaction regardless of weather.

Quality craftsmanship and aesthetics of Kangdun Door Industry

To build a century old Kangdun and create an international brand, the company will adopt a scientific, pragmatic, and honest attitude to make its products more refined and services better

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